About us

About us


Have you ever bought quilting fabric online and been frustrated and disappointed by the quality? Me too!

When you are spending hours upon hours, putting your heart and soul into crafting your creation, you want fabric that is the best. Quilting fabric that will stand the test of time, the right colour, the right quality. That’s why at Frills and froth we only sell big quality, brand name quilting cottons. We want you to know the feel and the quality, we want to sell brands you trust. The internet is a fabulous thing. But we can’t feel through it, so selling these quality big brand quilting cottons is the next best thing.


I’m Shelley (well actually Michelle but only get called that by my mum when I’m naughty!). I came on a journey to make frills and froth what it is. I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember. Raiding the rag bag with my sister to make clothes for our Sindy and Barbie dolls (did you do this too?) I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t use a sewing machine.. Health and safety wasn’t as big in the 80’s 😊), I learnt from sitting on my mums’ knee while she sewed. I loved visiting all the local fabric shops on a Saturday morning. Back in the day when they were still scattered around town. Taking my fabric home and creating something fabulous. Or not quite so as often the case, but that’s how we learn right? But the joy I got from going on those fabric adventures with my mum! It gave me the passion for fabric, the look, the patterns, how it goes next to each other.

My other big inspiration to how I got here was a gigantic patchwork quilt that we received from my mum’s friend. Whose Auntie had made it for her, and she didn’t like it. No accounting for taste, hey! This quilt, hand stitched out of hexies had so many different colours and patterns! Every time you looked at it you could see something different! It must have taken her hours to make this English paper piecing quilt from all those fabric hexagons! It was huge! We used it on the bed. We used it to play on in the garden. We had picnics on the beach with it, it was woven into our memories of fun days as children! Now that quilt lasted forever (well until it disappeared ☹). Now that is what I want to enable you to do with our fabric. A quilt that will last forever. A choice of fabric so you always have something to look at in your quilts, something to weave your memories in! But time seems much must more scarce now. That's why we also offer Pre cut quilting fabric. Pre cut paper hexies and pre cut fabric hexagons, all are amazing time savers! So you can still have the relaxing fun of sewing it together, without the time stealing cutting out of each one.


Now you know what has inspired me to sell quilting fabric, let me tell you some more about us.


Frills and Froth is a family business. I’m married to Andy and we’ve been together for 20 years, we have 4 children ranging from almost 18 (God how did that happen??) to 7. You’ll always meet our little 2 family ‘helpers’ at shows. They like to get the bags and put stickers on them to make your purchases pretty. Andy helps on the business when he’s not at the day job and always does quilting and fabric shows with me.


When you order quilting fabric online from us, know that we love everything we are sending out to you! Your fabric order is cut and wrapped in tissue paper (we do this because fabric should be a gift to yourself, lets be honest you deserve it!). We then pack, address and walk your order to the local post office. So you can be reassured that we have the same values as a local quilting fabric shop. But we’re a quilting fabric shop online instead!


We try to get into the wild at shows as much as possible. I love talking to my customers. The excitement I get when someone is telling me about their next project is unreal! Or showing me a picture of something they have made. So if you want to find us in the wild of a quilt show find our next dates and locations here.


So now you know a bit about us and how we’re here for you,


Explore our website to discover all the beautiful quilting cotton fabric on offer. Plan your next project with our time saving fat quarters and precut fabric, or ponder what you could make with our fabric panels. Find out more of what we are up to on the blog.


Love Shelley


PS It’s totally normal and acceptable to have a quilting fabric stash to look at and stroke.