Quilting Fabric


quilting cotton fabrics,from Liberty, Michael Miller, Riley Blake and more.

Here at Frills and Froth we pride ourselves in stocking big brand quality quilting and patchwork fabric. We do this as we don't want to be a Jack of all trades when it comes to fabric and want to specialise in something we know about! We don't want to be known for having cheap quilting fabric in the UK, we aim to stock the best quilting material in the UK, for the best value.


Why do you quilt?

To relax? To challenge yourself? To express yourself? To gift? Or all the above? We all sew for different reasons, one thing we all have in common though is we want it to be the best that we can do. That doesn’t mean it has to be perfect! Everything we make, even if there are mistakes should be perfect in our own eyes. Have you seen the beautiful quilts the Amish communities make? They are not ‘perfect’. Even if they don’t make a mistake while making their quilt, they make a mistake on purpose, as in their eyes, God is the only one who can make things of perfection.


What’s the difference between cotton fabric and quilting cotton fabric?

Let me see if I can help. Quilting cotton has a stiffer drape, is more structured, feels sturdier and holds up to washing better. It's less likely to shrink or have the colours bleed than cheaper cotton fabrics. It normally has a higher thread count. It’s easier to sew and doesn’t slide about as much.

Let’s think about it for a moment, think of a dress you have or a blouse, it drapes doesn’t it? It can be fluid and drapes the shape of your body. So, you need a softer fabric, not as structured and one that drapes you can get this with other cotton fabrics. Although, if you are making a structured garment, like a 1950’s full skirt style dress, where you need a bit of structure, quilting cotton is fab for that too! Just to add to the list patchwork fabric is also quilting fabric.


Scrolling through our online fabric site, you will see we only stock fabric from big brand quilt fabric designers. We are a quilting fabric supplier on the internet so, I can describe the quilt making material to you, tell you the quality, but you can’t actually run your hands over it, not until it pops through your door packaged as if it’s a gift to yourself.

I wouldn’t sell fabric that I would get disappointed by getting it through my door, let’s face it my reputation is on the line based on these fabrics! So, with these big brand fabrics I know the quality and you know the quality. I know how smooth they feel. I know the weight of them in your hands. I know how easy they are to sew with. I know they are perfect for any quilting or patchwork project, whether you are hand sewing English paper Piecing hexies together, or a mammoth king size quilt on your machine, these are the fabrics of choice.

I have been using these brands long before I started selling fabric. I know how they wash, and I know how they last. When we are putting our heart and soul into a project, which we all do, we want that project to last. We all dream of our precious quilts being passed down generations and these being our legacy. We know how long we spend looking at our projects and we want the prettiest prints from our Liberty quilting cotton, the most vivid of colours from Kona cotton solids., the cute baby quilt fabric prints from Michael Miller and the quirky cotton quilting fabric from Riley Blake. That is what I can guarantee you with our big brand fabrics and that’s why you can trust us when you are buying quilting fabric online.


Our fabrics are suitable for all your quilting needs from foundation piecing (FPP) to English paper piecing (EPP) to applique, to pieced quilts and patchwork projects.

All our quilting patchwork fabrics are 100% cotton. Woven quilting fabric. The patchwork fabric sold straight from the bolt is available to buy in half metre and metre lengths and are cut as a continuous piece if more than 1 quantity is purchased. The fabric width for all our big brand quilting fabrics is 112 cm. Lots of our patchwork fabrics are also available in pre cut quilt fabric, Fabric squares for quilting, fat quarter bundles, quilting fabric packs and hexagons.


You can shop our patchwork fabric by colour, by season such as Halloween quilt fabric or for the person you are making it for like baby patchwork fabric. You can shop by brand and fabric designer. Use our handy tags down the side of our page or the drop down menu at the top to find the patchwork quilt fabric you are looking for.

Take a scroll through our beautiful patchwork fabrics, knowing that all you see is of the upmost quality and I will personally vouch for it.