English paper piecing (EPP) papers

Hexagon EEP paper shape tesalated with 6 point star diamonds

English paper piecing paper templates

English paper piecing papers are used in English paper piecing. English paper piecing or EPP as it is more commonly known is a technique of making quilts by hand. where fabric is basted (by temporarily sewn or glued) to a paper template and sewn together by hand to make a quilt or other sewing project.

The English paper piecing (EPP) templates we stock are made on site and are made out of thin card, thin enough to bend when you are sewing them together but thick enough to not distort or curl up when you are basting your fabric to them.

Each of the EPP papers are cut out by machine for accuracy and hand packed into the correct quantity so we can double check the quality as we are packing them.
The English paper piecing paper templates are measured on one straight side in inches, in each listing the photo is marked on which side the template is measured and in the description it suggests which other EPP shapes it will tessellate with. 

Learn more about EPP papers with our youtube video