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As I’m penning this blog, things seem to be starting to feel, dare I say it? Normal, I don’t want to tempt fate or anything but restrictions have been lifted here in England – not that I’m not still doing the social distancing thing, I am, I still like having my own personal space and I’m still doing the mask thing as it doesn’t make a huge deal of difference to me wearing it and I also feel I can get away with not wearing a full face of make up with it on, every cloud has a silver lining!

You may have noticed that I’ve been super quiet on social media, you tube and on here for the summer, with one thing and another, I had to make a choice to let something slide and it had to be the social media. So, I do apologise for the radio silence. But for those who didn’t know Andy has been a little bit poorly for the last few months, and has been off his day job, so I have been working a new day job (well when I say day job my shifts can be anything from 7am to 11pm), as well as the children being off school life has been a bit of a juggle as you can imagine!

Picture of pooly teddy bear laid in bed with plaster on head with thermometer under his arm


You may or may not have noticed we had a summer subscription box break, we had a break in September, the last few weeks before sending our subscription boxes out are the most hectic and I wanted to spend some time with our little ones before they went back to school (mum guilt is so real, I feel I have hardly seen them or spent time with them over the summer holidays).  But fear not the boxes will be back in October and we will be opening for new subscribers from the 17th of September ready for the boxes to be sent out in October.

Picture showing our Liberty subscription boxes along with a Liberty fat quarter bundle, surrounded by autumn leaves and pumpkins

We have some new Liberty fat quarter bundles listed on the website, I’m going to try and keep the fat quarters all stocked up as I know how much you all love them.

Picture showing our Liberty fat quarter bundles, surrounded by autumn leaves and pumpkins

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be sharing a bit more from behind the scenes, what I’m doing at home and just generally letting you get to know us, so I hope you’ll love knowing what is going on behind the scenes.

Clapper board with "behind the scenes at frills and froth"

In other news I now have over 100 subscribers on YouTube, I’m not quite Zoella or Missouri star quilts but hey we all start somewhere lol, if you fancy seeing what I’m up to on YouTube find me here. (This blog will also be on there)

100+ subscribers on YouTube thank you so much.

And last but not least the kids have gone back to school this week, and all have managed a full week! Wahoo! They were more than ready to go back this year! They are totally loving it; I miss them lots and lots, but it means while they are having fun at school, I can work guilt free!

Picture of my little or not so little babies ready for back to school.

Take care and speak to you next week


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