Well what a time to learn a new skill! Learn to EPP with Shellley.

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Learn how to EPP, English paper piecing how to sew a hexie

Hi all!

Well what a strange time we are in! But every cloud has a silver lining as they say, I'm very blessed that I have been at home with my children. Although my day job and my husbands jobs are classed at key workers, I've not been at work due to the low number of children in nursery, and that other lovely members of staff have been going in and its also been the Easter holidays and I'm a term time worker. So in all this time I've been rejigging my website, you may have noticed a new look to it! I'm hoping you find it easier to navigate. I've also added new products, but more on that later!

I've also put my big girl pants on and have been recording tutorials for you, I've made a you tube channel (don't laugh lol) I figured now was the time to learn a new skill, or pass on a skill as it were.

With all the turmoil that is going on, I wanted to pass on a skill that could be done anywhere, one where you don't need lots of equipment and one that I find soothing, that I can immerse myself in totally. But that is easy enough that I have taught my 7 year old as a bit of a trial run lol.

So.... what I'm talking about is English paper piecing or EPP for short. One of the oldest forms of quilting, and all you need is fabric, scissors,  strong paper and a needle and thread! I use an iron too, but hey it isn't mandatory. I love it! you can do it anywhere, as you don't need a sewing machine to do it! You can take it in the garden, which is perfect now the warmer weather is approaching (although its already been glorious sunshine here in Lincolnshire, not bragging or anything lol).

My first tutorial is how to cut out and baste (where you attach your fabric around the paper) hexagons (hexagons are the first shape to learn with :) )

Without anymore of my waffling take a look at my first video tutorial on how to cut out and baste a hexie!

You will soon be addicted! Don't forget to subscribe to my you tube channel to get my next instalment of how to sew the hexagons together!

If you don't want to spend the time cutting out your paper hexies or your fabric hexies, I now stock them on the website precut paper hexies in lots off different sizes and pre cut Liberty quilting cotton fabric hexies in the 2 inch size.

Pre cut paper hexagons for English paper piecing EPP in the UK

Don't forget to tag me on Instagram if you are having a go at the hexies using the @fabricbyfrillsandfroth and hashtag #learntoeppwithfrillsandfroth I would love to see what you are making.

Remember, stay safe, sew lots and make the most of this time.

love Shelley xx

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