Sew an autumn pumpkin with me

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Sew an Autumn pumpkin with me!

Autumn really is my favourite season for lots of reasons, crisp morning, the colours, snuggling up and getting cosy.

It's also I realise (after watching more American vloggers YouTube videos than I dare admit too! the ones where they clean and decorate for fall?) it's the perfect time to decorate my house. But obviously living in the UK we don't have that many Autumn decorations available in the shops, we have more than that we did, and we have lots of Halloween decorations, but not just full on Autumn, So I decided to make my own! 



So I started off by making these simple pumpkins, I have made a free downloadable pdf for the patterns because I thought you might want to sew some too! (If you use the pattern to make the pumpkins to sell, please give me a shout out in your listing, it would be really kind)

I made mine out of Liberty quilting fabric rom the 'Carnaby collection' you can find the fabric I used here) but you can use any fabric you would like, you could even cut old clothes up to recycle them!

This tutorial is also available in video form on my Youtube channel here if you prefer watching to reading.

What you will need to make your epic pumpkins.


Image shows sewing equipment and fabric used to make a sewn pumpkin
small amount of fabric for each pumpkin (I used fat quarters from the Liberty Carnaby collection fat quarter bundle.
Co-ordinating sewing thread
Jute string and/or embroidery floss
Cinnamon sticks or twigs for our pumpkin stalk.
A large eyed needle.
A hand sewing needle
Scissors and pins
A sewing machine (this is optional as you could quite as easily do it by hand sewing it)
Picture of Liberty fabric from the carnaby collection ut into 5 segments ready to be sewn into a pumpkin.
The first step is to pin your pattern piece onto your fabric and cut out your pumpkin segments (you will need 6 for a large pumpkin and 5 for a small or medium pumpkin) I'm sewing up a medium pumpkin, so I have cut out 5 pieces.
Liberty fabric from the carnaby collection, pinned together ready to sew into an autumn pumpkin
We now need to pair our pumpkin segments up, if you are doing a large pumpkin, you will have 3 pairs, if doing the small or medium you will have 2 pairs and one left over. Place the fabric pieces together right sides facing, making sure all the edges line up and pin together down one edge. Like in the picture above.
Liberty fabric from the carnaby collection being sewn on a sewing machine.
Sew along the pinned edge using a 1/4 inch seam allowance making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your stitching and remove your pins as you sew. Repeat with your other pair/s.
Pairs of pumpkin segments sewn together from Liberty fabric, sat on a table   Liberty fabric being pinned together ready to be sewn into a pumpkin
Open one of the pairs you have sewn together and take the single segment of fabric. Place it onto the right-hand segment of the pair you have sewn together. Making sure all the edges are lined up. If your fabric has a directional print, make sure both segment patterns are facing the same way up.
If you are sewing the large pumpkin. do the same but it will be another 'pair' that you are lining up but will use exactly the same method.
Liberty fabric pinned together ready to sew. The fabric is pinned down the right hand side of the segment.   Image of the liberty fabric pumpkin segments being sewn together.
Pin along the right-hand edge (the one you have just lined up) Sew together using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, again making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your stitches, remove your pins as you sew and trim your threads.
Repeat To sew the last segments on.
Sewing the last edge together on your Liberty fabric pumpkin
Now we shall sew our last edges together. to do this make sure your edges are aligned and right sides of fabrics are facing. Pin along the edge. We now need to sew this edge together but do not start right at the top, start about a 1/4 of the way down, (where I'm pointing to in the picture) we need to leave this gap so we can turn our pumpkin right side out and put our stuffing it. 
Sew the edge with a 1/4-inch seam allowance, backstitch at the start of our sewing and at the end of the sewing to secure of stitches. Remove your pins as you sew and cut your threads.
Turning my Liberty fabric pumpkin right side out after sewing it together.   Picture of my stuffed Liberty pumpkin, ready to hand stitch up the hole.
Turn your pumpkin right side out by pulling it through the gap that you left.
Then you'll need to stuff your pumpkin, make sure you put plenty of stuffing in you want your pumpkin to feel firm, not squidgy. It did surprise me how much stuffing you need to push in. Also make sure your stuffing is pushed into all your seams.
Hand sewing our Liberty fabric pumpkin seam.   Checking to see if our cinnamon stick stalk fits into our sen up Liberty pumpkin.
Sew your open seam together using a ladder stitch. Don't sew all the way to the top though as you need to leave a hole large enough to fit your cinnamon stick or twig in. So, keep checking as you are sewing that it will fit. Make sure you secure your stitching at the end of your sewing.
Sewing with jute string or embroidery floss on our pumpkin made from Liberty fabric.   Sewing our Liberty fabric pumpkin with embroidery floss
Thread your large eyed needle with either your choice of Jute string or embroidery floss and tie a large knot in the end.
Going through the hole you left in the top of your pumpkin push the needle all the way through, so it comes out the other side in the centre where all the segments join together pull your thread through.
Swing a Liberty fabric pumpkin with embroidery floss   Sewing our Liberty fabric pumpkin with embroidery thread
Pull your embroidery floss or jute all the way over one side of your pumpkin so it sits in the middle of the seams. push your needle through the top hole and put it through where the seams meet at the bottom again, pull your string/floss taut so that it digs into the fabric, repeat so you have a floss/string divider in between all your seams. Secure your string/floss at the bottom by tying it onto itself.
Picture of Liberty fabric pumpkin finished bottom   Inserting the cinnamon stick into our Liberty fabric pumpkin
The bottom of the pumpkin should now look like the picture on the left.
Yay we are nearly there!
All you need to do now is push your cinnamon stick or twig into the open whole on top of your pumpkin and you're done!
Picture of finished sew your oen pumpkin from Liberty fabric
The only trouble you'll have is where you are going to make all the pumpkins you make as these are so quick and easy to make!

If you make these, please please please tag me in your makes on my Instagram account @fabricbyfrillsandfroth, send me pictures, in general just spam me with the lovely pumpkins you make!

If you know someone who would love to make these pumpkins, please tell them about me and my free pattern.

And keep your eyes peeled for my next blog post!

Liberty fabric pumpkins being held in my hands


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