Make an autumn pumpkin cushion with me.

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Shelley holding the autumnbal pumpkin cushion
A bit late posting this as we had to close due to having Covid in the house (BOO! but everyone is fine and well now so that is the main thing) but I didn't want to waste the instructions and thought maybe you might like to make one for next year ❤ Shelley 
Full video instructions for this cushion cover are on my youtube channel here 
I have put a special bundle offer together especially for this cushion, for my lovely blog readers and youtube watchers!  Buy the Kona Autumn fat quarter bundle and get the half a metre of Kona fabric in bone free! Find the listing here
This cushion cover fits a 32cm by 52cm cushion insert. 
What you'll need to make your cushion is:
Kona fabric fat quarter bundle in Autumn.
Half a metre of Kona bone for the lighter stripe
Green embroidery floss
embroidery needles.
Freezer paper.
glue pen
Co-ordinating thread
A basic sewing kit (scissors, rotary cutter, ruler, tape measure, pins, needles etc)
A sewing machine (although this could be done by hand)
How to make your cushion.
Out of your Chocolate fat quarter cut 6 strips each measuring 1 3/4" wide by 14" long.
Out of your Bone Kona fabric cut 5 strips 2 1/2 inch wide by 14 inches long and 2 strips 1 3/4" wide by 14" long.
We need to sew these together using a 1/4" seam allowance. Remembering to make sure your edges are aligned and you back stitch at the beginning and end of your sewing.
Follow the picture guide below to sew them together. 
The stripes go Wide bone, brown, wide bone, brown, thin bone, brown, wide bone, brown, wide bone, brown, thin bone, brown, wide bone.
when you have all your stipes sewn together, press your seams. Make sure you press your seams to the dark side, by this I mean press your seams towards the darker fabric, this is because you don't want shadowing from the seams under your lighter fabric. Pop your stripes to one side.
Next we need to prepare our pumpkins ready to applique onto our stripy background. To do this you need to trace the pumpkins shapes onto the freezer paper, draw on the matt side of the paper not the shiny side. make sure you label your pumpkin and stem freezer paper pieces too.
When you trace your pumpkins stems make the bottom of the stem longer so it goes below the edge of the pumpkin, this is so when you sew the pumpkin on top the bottom of the stem will the be behind the pumpkin.
Cut your freezer paper shapes out 
Iron your pumpkin freezer paper shapes onto your fabric choices (I used saffron, basil and Bordeaux for my pumpkins from the Kona fat quarter bundle) shiny side of freezer paper down to the wrong side of fabric.
Cut round your shapes leaving a 1/3" seam allowance round your shape and cut out.
Start folding your fabric seam over the freezer paper, gluing in place as you go, in exactly the same way you would if you were doing EPP. Take your time and try and get your edges as smooth as possible. Repeat with all your shapes..
Press all your pumpkins and stems. and remove the freezer paper gentle and press again. Making sure all your edges stay folded over.
You need to decide now where you want to place your pumpkins on your stripy cushion front.
Once you are happy with your position, draw round your shapes with your erasable marker, so you know where to sew them on.
Sew your shapes on using co-ordinating thread and a whip stitch.
Your cushion should look something like this.
Using your erasable pen again, draw the lines on the pumpkins.
Cut a length of your embroidery floss and split it into 2 so you are using 3 strands. thread your needle and using stem stitch embroider the lines onto your pumpkin.
When these are all done, pop your cushion front to one side.
We need to prepare our back pieces. Choose your 2 fat quarters you'd like to use. (or you could use bone kona) and cut a 14" square out of each fabric.
On one side of your 14" square, fold 1cm seam to the wrong side of your fabric and iron. Fold that over another 1cm so you have a folded hem and press. Repeat on your other back piece.
Sew your folded hems as close to the folded edge as possible.
Place your back pieces onto your cushion front, right sides facing. line the raw edges up ewith the cushion front and your back pieces should be overlappimg with the hemmed side.
Sew round the pinned edge using a !/2" seam allowance. Remember to backstitch and trim your threads.
Turn the right way out and insert your cushion pad.
Be super proud of your new cushion cover and show it off to anyone and everyone and be super proud of what you have made!


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