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I have a confession to make........

Michelle Wilcox

Hi Lovely!
You might have noticed a bit of a change on the site, Did you notice it?
I've given the website a makeover and it is now solely dedicated to fabric/sewing addicts just like you and me!
No more filtering through dresses and other bits and bobs and its now just gorgeous fabrics and fripperies for sewing!
I have to confess sewing for a living was sucking all the fun out of sewing for me! I love to sew and I didn't want to lose my love for it, I want to sew everything, not just dresses, rompers and clothing! I want to let my imagination run crazy and free and selfish sew! I want to share my knowledge with you in blogs and have fun!
So you, yes you! Fellow sewing/fabric addict. I'm looking forward to sharing my sewing with you, sharing my ideas and supplying your fabric stash!
Love Shelley xx

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