Happy New year 2020!

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Happy new year 2020!
Well what a year 2019 has been! Lots of gorgeous fabrics added to the website, lots of gorgeous sewing done (not as much as I'd like, but more on that later!)
So what are your new year resolutions? I don't mean boring ones that we don't keep like losing weight, drinking less and exercising more, although big thumbs up, if you are doing them. Those have been my resolutions every year since the change of last decade! I hate to admit that I haven't stuck to any of them. 
This is a big year for me, I'm turning the big 4 0! This scares me a lot, it doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago I was 21! So I've decided this is the year of doing things that I love, like spending even more time with my lovely family (this is a resolution I do stick to every year!) Sewing more is a big one, I've spent so much time stroking and looking at my fabrics, cutting them and sending them out to you beautiful people thinking 'that would look beautiful as ..... Oh I could make that into.......' and never getting round to doing it!
I have lots of patterns, books and a pinterest board full of sew many ideas that you couldn't shake a stick at it!
I would love to make a quilt, a big one! one where I can snuggle up with my kids under, reading, watching films, spending time with them.
I would love to make more clothes for me (I know selfish sewing!) I have Gertie books, Tilly and the button patterns but again never found the time, but with #memademay not that far away, I'm going to try!
Business wise I'm going to get out and about more, I have my first show booked in for January, I'll be at the Newark quilt show from the 17th to 19th January with all my gorgeous fabrics. I love meeting you all, I thrive on talking to people (just ask my husband :-) ) I love getting ideas from all and sharing your passion for fabric and sewing, until we did our last show my husband thought I was weird and I was the only one who had a fabric stash that I just liked to stroke!
I'm also wanting to keep you more updated, keep adding to my blog to show you what I've been doing, keep posting on instagram so you can join me on my 2020 sewing journey (and I can follow you on yours! if that's ok?) One of my favourite things is seeing what you have made out of the fabric you have bought.
So if you've managed to stick with me to the end of my ramblings, thank you! And please join me on my exciting journey into 2020! Its going to be a good one! Tell me and show me what you are making, show me your fabric stash!
Shelley xx

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  • Fab blog post Shelley x looking forward to seeing your creations this year 😍

    Lucy X on

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