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Planning for Christmas with free printable planner by
I know its only September, so please do not shout at me (I say this as I hide behind a chair 😂🤣) but now is really the time to start getting ready for Christmas (truth be told I'm the queen of Christmas and start in January and have been watching Christmas films since July!) I do this anyway, but the way this year has been going and the fact I think anything could happen I feel the need more than ever to prepare for Christmas. So grab a cuppa (or something stronger if you need it to prepare for Christmas in September)
grab your self a cuppa (or something stronger if you need to, to think about christmas in September)
I mentioned this a little bit in my blog last week, but this week I am going to really sit down and plan what I'm going to be making people for Christmas, if I don't start soon I won't get them done and this year I really want to put thought and extra care into people's gifts to let them know I'm really thinking about them (I'm sure you feel the same as me and are wondering how much we will get to see loved ones this Christmas and if this year so far has taught me anything its the fact that nothing can be presumed or taken for granted). So I'm really putting thought into it, so I'm not rushing round at the last minute buying Christmas tat (don't get me wrong I love a bit of Christmas tat as much as the next Christmas queen!).But I'm not even sure we will be able to rush around last minute! I'm also so much more aware of the impact all the buying of quick Christmas thrills has on the environment (do you remember all the beautiful pictures on the internet, news and papers of the clear skies over china and the clear canals in Venice due to less pollution?)  So this year I'm making a pledge to make as much as I can towards Christmas gifts, decorations, food the lot! Don't get me wrong if my little ones want to ask Father Christmas for the latest toy, I'm not going to say no you have to ask for a handmade toy, I'm not a meanie and I'm also not a martyr or purist. Also remember crafting, sewing, baking and anything else should be fun, it shouldn't stress you out, that is the complete opposite of what this should be about, this should be taking the stress out of Christmas.
This week I'm sharing with you my Christmas present planner. I feel really clever as I designed this myself! I do love a good list and I love pretty stationary so this is a complete win win! Find the link to get your fee download here
Free Christmas planner printable from
  I've put spaces on the list for who its for, gift ideas, to buy or to make (again remember this is not about martyrdom or that you need to make a handmade present for everyone, some people really don't appreciate or understand the value of a handmade gift 🤷‍♀️) Next  for what you need to make it, now is the time to search your stash or buy what you need. The next box is where you need to get your diary out and pencil in some making and doing time, make time for you and make it relaxing. you don't need to pencil in days or even hours, you can just put the date in it needs to be made by, for example if you see auntie Jill and uncle Jack the last weekend in November every year, that's what date it needs to be made by and the date that should go in the box and the best box of all, the made/bought box, the Ta dah I've done it box!  
I'll be sharing what I'm going to be making next week and I'll be sharing my list of what I'll be making and when, so you can sew along with me if you wish. Over the next few months I'll be sharing more of my pintable's and tips to help get ready for Christmas 2020 style!
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Speak soon
❤ Shelley
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